The aporkalypse part 3 is the 10th episode in season 1 of frog boy. it is the season 1 finale

Plot synopsis Edit

frog boy has one last chance to save the land of AAA as he faces Petra and reveals one of his biggest secret's.

Appearances Edit

main charectures

  • frog boy
  • petra
  • game buddy
  • parry and barry
  • stanley
  • minor charectures
  • mayor patrick
  • hambernie
  • chef peppa pizza
  • minesaur
  • slushious
  • smart turtle

trivia secrets and scrapped ideas Edit

  • this episode is the last appearance of game buddy's old body
  • it is presumed that the ants didn't survive the castle collapsing as we don't see them ever again after this episode.