Race to cookie crumble desert is the 10th episode in season 2 of frog boy. it is the season 2 finale.

Plot synopsis Edit

in the season finale frog boy and his friends have to get to a pyramid in a desert before Petra does so they can get the emerald cookie.

Appearances Edit

main charecters

  • frog boy
  • game buddy
  • parry and barry
  • stanley
  • Petra
  • minor characters
  • charry bomb
  • mabel moo
  • ice bomb
  • cosmic bomb
  • magma bomb
  • manta ray
  • aliens
  • baggete guy
  • mayor patrick
  • pricila
  • roy racoon
  • coten candy bomb
  • watermellon bomb
  • peppermint beaver
  • seedy
  • caramell
  • shadow frog boy
  • shape shifter
  • the posseser
  • dark hourse
  • post box.

trivia secrets and scrapped ideas Edit

  • originally dark horse and the possessor were gonna die in this episode but the idea was scrapped.